We LOVE Chewbacca and Candace!

Unless you've been living under a rock (or hiding under a service panel underneath the Millennium Falcon), you've probably seen the hilarious video posted by Candace Payne showcasing "the best birthday gift to myself!".  Forget going to Disneyland, Candace's car was the happiest place on earth last week.  We think she'll be a solid contender for everyone's new list of "people you'd like to have dinner with".

Candace, thank you for delivering such thigh-slapping tears of joy.  Ride this viral fame like Chewy riding shotgun in the Millennium Falcon!

Folks, if you missed out on getting your own Chewbacca mask before they sold out at Kohl's we were able to track down the same mask available through Hasbro on Amazon.