Monday, May 9 is National Lost Sock Memorial Day

It's such a universal issue that someone decided that it needed it's own day.  No matter how careful you are in sorting laundry, there's always at least one sock missing by the end of the cycle.  We've taken to buying plain Hanes white socks in bulk with an unhealthy load of hope that it HAS to decrease the amount of socks that end up living the single life after it's perfectly matched partner goes AWOL.  But we're also relatively fun, creative people so there are times when we like to know that we're the only ones aware that under our boots or tennis shoes sit a zebra pattern or skulls or our favorite super hero.  Feet can have fun too!

So in acknowledgement of National Lost Sock Memorial Day, here are some sock selections that you can look forward to misplacing at least one of each soon.

$26.90 $74.95