What is "The uBux"?

It's simple really.  We've been looking for websites that provide cost-effective ideas for everything from birthday gifts to plain white socks, and everything in between.  Yes, retailers curate their own segments including by price but in some cases it would take so many clicks to get to that point, we were concerned that carpel tunnel would kick in!

"The uBux" is about trying to help save a few bucks without having to spend hours online checking all of the major retail sites individually (and missing out on some cool, off-the-wall type shopping options as well).  We'll also frequently include a personal story or a friendly reminder of an upcoming event or holiday to make sure you're valuable time is used to the fullest.

Got something that you're looking for or found a screaming deal you want to share?  Ping us at betty@theubux.com or on Twitter (@theubux).