Never thought I would say it but I heart cleaning cast iron pans!


As adults, we find ourselves saying a lot of things out loud that we never thought we would..."Did you just sneeze on the cheese?!" or "Please don't lick the dog's face.". Saying that I enjoy cleaning our cast iron pans is also on that list but it's true.  This little gem has saved us countless hours in scrubbing.

We use our cast iron pans 3-4 times a week for everything from fried eggs for breakfast, to cookie pies for dessert.  Every single time the pans have come up nice and clean and ready for the next meal.  Also works a treat on grill plates for the bbq* more crossing fingers that you won't find a brush bristle in your burger (ouch!).

For under US$15, this is one of those kitchen tools that will pay for itself lickity split.


*we strongly advise to only do this when the bbq is NOT on (spend your evenings relaxing out back, not in the emergency room!).