National Women's Check Up Day is May 9th

All the single ladies, and the married ladies, and the I-don't-care-what-my-relationship-status-is ladies...listen up.  Monday, May 9th is National Women's Check Up Day.  Now we know that you know that you don't need to be reminded how important it is to take care of yourself but sometimes we get so busy with life, even a routine check up falls off the calendar.  Time to push it back to the top of the list and get an appointment scheduled.  You know the drill, you must place your oxygen mask securely on before you can assist the people around you.

We're thinking that the day might get more PR if it were named "National Get Your Lady Bits Checked Out Day" but we'll cross that bridge another time.

Oh, May 9th is also National Lost Sock Memorial Day so maybe buy some new socks to keep your toes cozy at your check up.