024 - Beekeeping with Dave Schiefelbein


Beekeeping! It was one of the very first topics on our list to cover since before we started The Efficient Life. We finally lured a beekeeper into the studio!

Beekeeper, Dave Schiefelbein joins us in the studio to give us a crash course in beekeeping and honey.


Growing up in rural Minnesota Dave Schiefelbein was rarely indoors. His childhood back yard was cornfields and hay barns. As a young adult he graduated to climbing remote mountains for his outdoor fix. Documenting those climbs with a camera led to a career in photography where his specialty was creating images that were artistic interpretations of the natural world. Dave loves work that is attached to nature. Beekeeping suits him well. Dave is a professional contract beekeeper and bee consultant. His personal bee hives are spread in back yards throughout Seattle. He teaches beekeeping classes and sells his raw honey online and at Swanson’s Nursery in Seattle. His photographs and articles related to beekeeping have been published in Bee Culture magazine, American Bee Journal and the Wall Street Journal.

Honey Sales: https://squareup.com/store/dave-schiefelbein